450 Serisi Kontrolör

The series 450 temperature controller, measuring 48x48mm (1/16 DIN), offers simplicity of use and high quality of control. The input from temperature sensors is “universal” and configurable with type J, K, R, S, T, B, E, N thermocouples and with 3-wire Rt100 resistance thermometers.
The user interface has a complete double display with green LEDs, 4 keys, and two red LEDs to signal active outputs.
The Lexan® membrane on the front panel guarantees an IP65 protection level for these products. The controller outputs, freely configurable as control output and alarm output, are available in a 5A/250VAC relay version or in a logic signal version to drive solid state relays.
The input signal read speed (120msec) and the tested PID control algorithm with selftuning and autotuning parameter functions guarantee accurate and stable control even for rapid and discontinuous heating systems.

Series 450 models are factory-configured to satisfy most industrial heating applications (input for probe J, hot PID setting, 10 second cycle time) and can always be modified from keyboard and from PC with a few parameters grouped on intuitive menus.

A programming kit for PC is available, consisting of a cable and a user-friendly program for Windows with Wizard pages, oscilloscope for process analysis, saving of parameter recipes, and ability to reset factory parameters. A settable software protection code (password-protected) lets you limit access to internal parameters to various levels, up to total protection.


  • Universal input configurable from faceplate
  • Accuracy better than 0.2% f.s. under nominal conditions
  • Control output: relay, logic
  • Function: PID heat, PID cool
  • 1 alarm with  completely configurable functions
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