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GFW adv is more than a controller and more than a mono-bi-triphase solid state power unit: it integrates these functions in mechanical solutions that are modular, compact, and optimized to control any type of electric heating in a wide range of applications and markets.
The incorporated PID controller (optional) directly acquires the signal from the thermocouple or resistance thermometer and controls power by means of double SCR junctions, and provides physical Relay/ Logic outputs for alarms and/or cooling functions.
Current levels range from 40A to 250A, voltage from 90 VAC to 600VAC.
The command input is configurable and accepts 0-10V, 0/4-20mA signals, potentiometers, logic signals, including with PWM modes for cost effective solutions.
The device can also be operated via Modbus RTU serial communication, with IN/OUT chain connections facilitated by plug-in RJ10 (telephone) connectors, or with various types of Fieldbus (Optional).

All four trigger modes are software configurable and provide:
– ZC: Zero Crossing constant cycle time (settable in range 1-200sec), for conventional loads
– BF: Burst-Firing, Zero crossing with optimized minimum cycle time, for systems with low thermal inertia, medium-wave IR lamps
– HSC: Half Single Cycle Zero Crossing corresponds to Burst Firing that manages single semi-cycles of conduction or stop cycles, useful for short-wave IR lamps, reduces flickering and limits generation of EMC noise on the power line (applied only to singlephase load or 3-phase open delta 6 leads)
– PA: Phase angle control, useful for shortwave IR lamps, transformer primaries.
Completely eliminates flickering of load filaments.
Soft Start ramp functions can be assigned to these controls, with options such as “current limit” that keeps current peaks at power-on and RMS current level at full power under control.

GFW runs complete diagnostics of current, voltage, power, and temperature levels:

Current Diagnostics:
– Total and partial load interrupt alarm
– Self-learn function of alarm limit for interrupted load.
– Alarm for SCR in short circuit
– Alarm for load in short circuit or overcurrent
– Alarm for interrupted internal fuse

Voltage Diagnostics:
– Alarm for absence of phase
– Signal for incorrect rotation of 3 phases (for triphase applications)
– Alarm for triphase line unbalanced

Temperature Diagnostics: 
– Measurement of power module temperature – Alarm for over temperature of power module
– Measurement of power terminals temperature
– Alarm for over temperature of power terminals
– Alarm for absence of 24V supply to cooling fan.
Parameters can be configured from an optional keypad with LCD screen that attaches magnetically to the front panel and from PC with the GF_eXpress configuration kit, which lets you save all parameters in a configuration file that is easy to manage and to copy to other devices.
GFW always provides an RS485 serial connection with Modbus RTU protocol to control currents, voltages, powers, load status, and device status from the supervisor terminal (HMI) or PLC.
A second (optional) communication port is offered that lets you choose from among the following Fieldbuses:
Modbus RTU, Profibus DP, CanOpen, Devicenet, Modbus-TCP, Ethernet IP, EtherCAT.

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