MP1 DMCNET Motion Kontrol Panel

The MP1 Series provides touch screen and also supports Windows CE, Windows XP Embedded and Windows 7 Embedded operating systems. It also supports various software libraries for user selection.

Satışla İletişime Geçin Fiyat Teklifi İsteyin
  • Cable-less and fan-less design for low power consumption
  • CFast and SSD Storage Interface
  • Built-in DMCNET motion control card functions
  • Connects to DMCNET / EtherCAT Slaves via PCI interfaces
  • Robust hardware with highly secured programming protection
  • Supports real-time RTX Runtime and non-real-time Windows CE 7, Windows XP/7 Embedded OSs
  • Integrated motion control platform with domain know-how and literatüre
  • 16:9 widescreen adds viewing areas to display more information for more flexible operation

Delta Motion Kontrol Sistemleri

PC Tabanlı Motion Kontrolörler İncele
MH1 EtherCAT Serisi Motion Kontrolör İncele
MP1 DMCNET Motion Kontrol Panel İncele
MH1 DMCNET Motion Kontrolör İncele

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